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What To WEAR

Image is everything, and how you look reflects directly on your organization, and your message. Clothing of certain types and colors look the best on video. This applies to everyone who appears “on-camera”, even those in non-speaking roles. This is especially important for anyone who might speak briefly, or is interviewed.

Avoid wearing too much white. This often appears too hot on camera. Saturated yellows and reds tend to bleed. Most colors of medium brightness and contrast are fine. Tight patterns such as pinstripe or tweed are not recommended. These produce moir and moving noise on video. No one should wear large and shiny earrings or other jewelry that may reflect the lighting, and interfere with filming. Contact lens are preferred over glasses. (but glasses are OK!) Depending on the program’s subject and audience, Tattoos and piercing may be taboo. This is usually true in Corporate communications, but in Rock bands, not so much.

Men should wear solid, pastel shirts with trim collars and navy blue or charcoal blazers/suit coats. Avoid black and white. Patterned ties are fine if not too busy. Socks should match slacks.

Women look great in dresses with simple necklines, tailored blazers, or solid colored blouses with slacks. Keep accessories simple and classic. Men and Women: broadcast quality video will record color differently from what your eyes see. Deep to light blue, forest or emerald to light green, purple and yellow are camera friendly colors. Avoid red, black or white. Busy patterns can also be hazardous to the picture! Light silks or polyester sometimes rustle and can cause problems for the microphone, especially if it will be hidden out of sight on the subject. Jewelry should be matte (not shiny) and kept to a minimum.

If Kingsway provides a make-up artist, Women should apply their own mascara. Our makeup artist will do the rest. Foundation and powder for Men reduces glare and evens skin tone. It is easily removed with a provided soft cloth after shooting.

Persons on video appear to be about ten pounds heavier than they are in real life. There is not much that can be done about this, except skip dessert, and don’t wear tight clothes! Good grooming and clean clothes project the best image. Dress for success!


What To DO and SAY

Whether this an important :10 sound bite you’ve rehearsed all week, or this is a two hour class Kingsway will re-shoot over many “Takes”. . . It’s really all the same for every person. Even the most confident CEOs can be flustered or awkward when faced with the camera.

If your reading this, chances are you are part of the 99% who appear in films and video, and won’t have to “Say”or particularly “Do”, anything for the camera! Most of the time we capture visuals, and insert Narration and Music later.

What you wear, and how you act, determines how you and your organization will be remembered by an audience. We’re not asking you to jump with joy, in suit and tie, while “whistling a happy tune”. We may just coach you in “re-enacting”certain normal actions, and request that you do so in a professional manner. Help us out here, and I promise we’ll get out of your hair as soon as possible. See page 23 of the book “Maximize Your Message” for more about Props, Sets, Talent, and Wardrobe.

If your “on-camera”role is more involved than this, we will be contacting you personally (via the project’s Liaison), regarding any rehearsal, equipment considerations, or other particulars. Relax! You’ll be fine. “I’m ready for my “close-up”Mr. DeMille!”

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