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What are RGB Reel-Deals?


So what are RGB Reel-Deals?




Who doesn’t like a DEAL?

RGB Reel-Deal CODE KWAYDYNO-0118 Offer Good through MAY 31, 2018

Edited HD Web Video, with Music, Effects, Animation
Save BIG on this Limited-Time Deal for Limited Budgets! Save BIG on this Limited Time Deal for Limited Budgets! A Professional, Custom Film about your Product, your Band, your Church, your Team, your Company, your MESSAGE! The Question is: How to save money, get a definitive ROI, and still look great? Answer: RGB Reel-Deals. RGB = Really Good Buy. Why pay full price for Custom Digital Cinema? Certain restrictions apply, as follows. (Up to) 3:00 three minute TRT edited HD Web Video, with Music, Effects, Animation, shot on-location! in High Definition! 4K not an option in this particular Deal.
Lets work together on this.
1) Concepts & Scripts by you – Normally, in a Custom Digital Cinema program, we do all the technical research, concepts, and scripting. We will be happy to assist & advise, crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s.

2) Narration – A professional Narrator adds Authority and Dynamism… but we are trying to keep it down, so a member of our team (who has worked on-camera and narrated some of our Documentaries and Self-Published Films will do any voice-over. Optionally, professional Narrators are available.

3) Music & SoundFX – selections from Kingsway’s many Audio Libraries included! Thousands to choose from, all styles.

4) Sound Design & Audio Mix – Music and Voice edited to stereo, with appropriate Compression, Equalization, and Noise Reduction. No Surround Mix.

5) Filming – HD Looks Good On YOU. One half-Day Filming in High Definition (1080P, not 4K in this case), using Kingsway Mobile One package (South Bay Area, California or! Provide your own footage!). Includes Digital Cinema HD Camera, Lights, Audio, and Creative Director to help you get the best. Ask to see further examples from our 30 year experience!

6) Editing & Post Production – Non-linear real-time editing with Effects, completed in five hour session with plenty of lush animated 2D and 3D stock-graphics and cinematic Titles and Effects. “Final Preview” for minor changes and Approval.

7) Authoring – Delivered as H.264 Web Video ready to work for you day and night, all over the world! “Master” Quality H.264/MP4 version can be uploaded to YouTube (free hosting) for excellent fidelity. Also includes “Web- Ready” H.264 version, ready to drop into HTML5 page or play directly from your Phone, Tablet, Thumb-Drive, and Laptop! Plus! Assistance with Keyword Meta-Tags, Social Media integration, and Cross-Promotion!

Payment (Cash, Credit Card, or PayPal) due upon delivery. Add an additional 3% Discount if paid Cash! Kingsway will pitch-in ALL THE WAY to make this a success. Ask for copies of References by our past clients! We will work together to arrive with this savings. Your Help, Our Expertise. Win-Win.

See samples of programs we have produced. We have been doing this effectively for many years, so we must be doing something right! This is a special package-deal for a HD Web Video. Other “RGB Reel-Deals” offer Rich-Media Web Design packages. This is an “RGB Reel-Deal“, not a Custom Digital Cinema Program. Pricing and services included, reflect the fantastic cost-savings realized! No obligation when clicking the following link, just that this link-back to our site is required to view price.

Click to obtain “RGB Reel-Deal” discounted price – No Obligation


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