We’ve Got The Whole World In Our Hands. A Children’s Training Film about Recycling and Water Conservation, that employs original Songs, Puppetry, and 2D Cel Animation. Over the years Kingsway employed some really talented professionals who went all-out on every project…. Joe Davis, Ruth Bothne, Kathy Gardner, John St. John, Nancy Langstaff, the late, great Voice Don Hayward (with free built-in grammar / spell checker) . . . and Bill Hare.

My Dad and I met Bill when he ran one of the few great sound studios in the South Bay, called Astral Sounds. We were doing a children’s training film for the City of San Jose (about Recycling and Water Conservation, hence the title of this blog). This particular film contained a children’s version Rap song, plus other traditional song adaptations.

After recording the Children’s Choir and the Crow, (don’t ask), it came time to think about the instrumental track that would drive this “Kid-Rap”. Without much prompting from me, Bill proceeded to whip out an electric bass, and laid down the spine of the piece. He then did DJ “scratches” live on a turntable, followed by other Foley, instruments and gizmos. Admittedly, for a musician, this must be a simpler track to produce, but nonetheless he accomplished greatness in a very short space of time.

Kingsway went on to win awards for that video, and we were told it was very effective at Schools, Libraries, Festivals, and it was Broadcast several times. At that moment, this was one of the most complex productions Kingsway had ever done . . . this program required Talent, multiple Location Shoots, Stage Recording, multiple Original Songs and Music, voice-over Narration, SoundFX, and a HUGE amount of 2D, “Saturday morning type” Character Animation (that I had to create personally). What I remember best however, were the professionals that I connected with on that project, particularly the extraordinary Bill Hare. “Used Cans, Aluminum or Tin, put them in your Recycling Bin! Da Da Da Derrrrr…..”

Contact Bill Hare at www.dyz.com

Here is that KINGSWAY Training Film for the City Of San Jose that teaches young children about recycling and conservation using 2D Cel Animation, Puppets, and original Music Score. You may not need Cartoons or Rap music to tell your story, but you do need to effectively target your audience, no matter what their age or background. Imagine a Total Custom Solution applied to your Company, your Products, your Message! CONTACT KINGSWAY

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