iPhone Video-Review of current Exhibits at TRITON. ART RULES BABY!. The interior is immaculate. Particular attention has been paid to the details… paint applied a little more carefully on the walls, taped floor to indicate “stay back from the works”, very clean and inviting. All the sunlight streaming in from the glass, rear walls helps tremendously. Lighting has always been quite good here, both Track Lighting and the Sunlight. Three large rooms house rotating exhibits, adjacent to connecting main floors, and a couple of hall areas. More works hang from a few modern columns that slice through, adding to the great “loft” atmosphere. Be sure to check out the lovely well-kept gardens at the rear … many interesting sculptures and other pieces… as well as some Historical buildings and a cute little outside amphitheater for staging plays and whatnot.

Complaints? Not really. Interesting prints and guidebooks are available from current and past exhibitions…(Some VERY inexpensive). I do wish there was more funding to provide an overall Exhibition book. Surely a color volume containing reproductions and background info from the Artists is possible? Regardless, there are separate publications and prints available in the shop. Kudos to the Corporate sponsors overall. Triton has a very knowledgeable staff, led by Preston Metcalf … makes the whole experience come together.

For the highest-quality, press “PLAY”, then select 480p 720p 1080p from the “GEAR” button’s drop-down menu in the lower-right corner of EACH player below.


Filmed on iPhone.

This video sampler shows off some art from two of the three exhibits. Apologies to Maxine Solomon, her exhibit did not make it into the four minute film. Her paintings actually quite surprised me… I can see faces also in those landscapes of the mind. Abstract “Turner-isms”, with touches of Surrealism…. Her exhibit is titled “From Void to A Dream”. Also: apologies, this video was shot/edited on IPHONE, so its not up to Kingsway’s usual standards.

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