All Hands On Deck! This photo of hand-prints: Highly accurate Uranium dating of the material covering these hand prints/art in El Castillo, Spain show Homo-Sapiens (or maybe Neanderthals!) were expressing themselves at least 40,800 years ago! DNA testing of plant materials in Neanderthals’ teeth show ingestion of Medicinal (bitter) plants . . . ! Past excavations unearthed Neanderthal remains with flowers and other symbolic rituals, and bones of a man with a “set” broken arm who was cared for . . . Only Hubris and the brainwashing of relatively recent Eastern/Western Cultures and Religions leads us to believe that WE Homo-Sapiens are “special” over all other species. (Of course we are “special” in the sense that our intelligence bestows responsibility to care for each other and this planet).

This day, let us give thanks and pay tribute to the other Hominids that came before, who persevered, who passed on their DNA to us (around 50 percent of Europeans like me have Neanderthal DNA! Our ancestors were busy in the bedroom!). Despite some difficult times right now, I raise a toast to THOSE THAT CAME BEFORE . . . . so that I may be here. “Drink to “ME” . . . Drink to my health . . . you know I can’t drink anymore . . . ” (Five Martian Dollars to whoever can name that song). By the way, these are THE OLDEST examples of Art/Rituals created by Hominids now known. We have met the Hominids, and they are Us.

This is much older than the famous Cave Paintings in France. The Sun-Symbols and Hand-Prints found here were placed by Hominids over a twenty-thousand year period! This means for at least 20,000 years, folks were coming back, over and over, to this same spot, in order to repeat these Paintings as a Ritual! That 20,000 year period alone is longer than recorded Civilization as we know it. BTW, shapes indicate that the majority of these hand-prints are from WOMEN. UPDATE! Wow! DNA evidence of our direct relation to ANOTHER new Hominid species! The Denisovans! (what a great Trek-Like name).

Thanks to Jay Bland, resident intellect over at my Facebook page for this heads up from Scientific American magazine. New DNA Analysis Shows Ancient Humans Interbred with Denisovans.Homo-Sapiens! Neanderthals! Denisovans! We Are One! Here’s to Success!
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