Random Thoughts. What time is it? Should I build another computer? . . . mmmm Ice Cream! NO. NO. NO. Not that Random. (Think: Thanks). In no particular order: Thanks Dad, Amiga, Koltron Joe Herreges, Carl Sagan, Goons, Jim Steranko & his Histories, David Bowie, Frank Miller, Harlan Ellison, Stanley Kubrick, HR Geiger, US Army Aviation, Andy Warhol, UK, Billy Friedkin, Mum, Joe Kubert, Ray Bradbury, 8/16mm Movie Nights, Proust “ La Recherche Du Temps Perdu”, Roxy Music, Monty Python, Underground Records, Python, David Lynch, Masters, Bernie Wrightson, Jigglin Jules, Christopher Hitchens, Books Inc, Comics, all the crew at Hart, Quantum Physics, not Quantum Physics, All the parts of Bell; that was not Hell; Mr Harville — Mr Alessandri — Mr Doyle — Mr Sullivan Lit of the Holocaust, Joe Davis, Stephen King, Nancy Langstaff, Canon Glass, Issac Asimov, `Caravaggio, The Yes, Erik Sykes, Frank Herbert, DKs, Apple Mac iPhone, James Joyce, Bob Wilkins’ Creature Features, Morrissey, The New Tate, Mylene Farmer, Mobius, Mr Tran, Alan Light’s Comic Buyers Guide, Uncle Bob & Auntie Joyce, (early) Peter Sellars, Barry Smith, Kurt Vonnegut, Rembrandt, Ruth Bothne, (early) SJ and SC Flea Markets, Mobius, Steve & Brian Levine, Seanster, Pet Shop Boys, Tower Records, SwanAnderson, Orson Welles, Video Toaster & Friends — HT Electronics, Jose Cardoza, Star Trek, James Joyce, Gus’s, Kevin Hudspith for all you introduced me to (you have no idea), Spike Milligan, Picasso, AndyT, Frank Frazetta, Malik, Boris, Auntie Sheila Uncle Harry, JRR Tolkien, (early) Recycle Books, Marc Chagall, Richard Dawkins, (early) Chris Nolan, Superman, Batman, et al, Dear Old Blighty, Robert E Howard, Virgil Finley, The Late Great Voice Don Hayward, Dali is Dali, Flipper, Arthur C Clark “in a stunning dress with matching pearls, looks like a Burnoose, you know like….” plus Neal Adams, Sean Browne, Bob Sidebottom’s Comic Collector’s Shop, David Fincher, Michael Bentine, Matrox Digisuite, Rodney B Gibbs, WindowsNT3.51/PentiumPro 200, Jack King Kirby, Denny O’Neil, Barry Windsor Smith, Quentin Tarantino, Bernie Wrightson, Alex Ross, Alan Moore! and so many others….

Fav words and phrases (not pulled from Dictionary btw): Nebulous… Meticulous… Gracefully Degrades… Excrete… Salacious…. Malfeasance….. Entity… Glyph… Synergy… Anathema… Ephemera… Mission-Creep… Authentic Copy of an Antique… Miasma… Mnemonic… Planetary Ecretion… Group-Think… Kingsway’s Oxygen Logo — Triathlon, Tertiary, Triad, Trifecta, Trinity, Triple-Play

Phrases & Terms I dis-like: Life Affirming, Active Lifesyle, Green, Life Choices . . .

“No one is to stone ANYONE . . . and I want to make this perfectly clear, even if they DO say “Jehovah!”
“Remember Scrooge! Time is short…and suddenly you’re not THERE anymore!”

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