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When I was younger I used to collect Comics. I still LOVE all things Comics, SF, Pulps, Fantasy et al. Comics revved me up in my Art interests… I used to trace them, then finally drawing them, which lead to Fine Art, to Graphic Design, then Storyboards, Animation, and Film Making. But collecting MINT Condition issues was very stressful. I used to fret over every damn little crease in those lil pamphlets! Now comics are Digital. (Really, with a FEW exceptions, the only collectible “real” comics are from the 70s and earlier anyways, IMHO).

Later, I used to maintain the Periodicals Library for my Dad, who founded Kingsway. I carefully filled a storeroom with all the professional magazines and manuals, writing up info, and sticking Post-Its where needed for future reference. Man, how times have changed! All-Digital, Instantly Accessible Information! Here are but a few of the more current links. More to come, as I update this blog entry.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera VS Canon 5D Mark III

Purchasing a Digital Cinema Camera Package: a Complete Guide

25 All-New Digital Cinema Pocket Guides!

Brand new edition of the FREE REEL DEAL book! Brand new chapter on Interviewing. Expanded sections and new material (over 6,500 words added), Two more resume templates (Five total included)

How to nail the timing of your Rack-Focus shots.

5 Mistakes That Hurt Your Chances for a Video Job

Tips and tricks for filmmakers who want to know what really happens on set

Why is the Blackmagic Cinema Camera Such a Big Deal?

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Review 1

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Firmware updates

DaVinci Resolve – Stop Hiding In A Un-Color-Corrected-Cave!

DaVinci Resolve LITE – FREE Mac & Windows versions

iPhone iPad Filming tips

Canon DSLR Shootout

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 Camera: Hands-On Review!

Best Action Camera

GoPro & Protune

Watch the Surreal ‘We Are On Fire’ Shot on the Weisscam HS-2, Plus Blackmagic Cinema Camera BTS

NEW Production Music

Black & Blue on FB

Sony F5 –

F-Stop Academy YouTube Channel, Color Grading, DSLRs and MORE

The DP/30 channel on YouTube

Some good Beginner Photo tips

Portable Audio for some DSLRs

Nice DSLR sample film by a Pro (see Kingsway’s Vimeo channel for links to more by this guy

Color workflow tips I feel like a twit! I do 3-way all the time (DON’T SAY IT)… uh but yeah, why not a simple reference Clapboard on just ONE of a series of shots? (like Bars ref) … instead of trying to define whats White, Midtones, Black in a shot-set?… hmmm maybe use a three tone clapboard when setting white balance in the FIRST place? OUCH. Thanks to a friend from the old days (Toaster Group), who is still in the business, CHRIS FENWICK (He was the Director of “The Computer Chronicles with Stewart Cheifet”)

Great Insider blog

Hand Held Hollywood .com – iPhone Video Tips & Must-Have Apps Directory

BOOK Hand Held Hollywood’s Filmmaking with the iPad & iPhone

Checkout my Web-Video How-To Book “MAXIMIZE YOUR MESSAGE” at Amazon!

Action-Cameras used in “End Of Watch” film

HFR High Frame Rate – What Is Enough?

High Frame Rate Future – Peter Jackson, James Camaron, Douglas Trumball

The Hobbit BTS: A Look Back On The New, Controversial, Record Breaking Movie by HDSLR Shooter & Jackson’s YouTube Diary uploads

There And Back Again: The Hobbit’s tale of high-frame-rate cinema by HDVideoPro magazine

HFR Hobbit

Sony Consumer HIGH FRAME RATE 2K 4K cameras

Sony Pro-sumer 4K Cameras on the way…

Shooting Smarter SmartPhone Video

Ryan E. Walters, Cinematographer Serving up fresh, crispy news and views for creators and consumers of digital video

In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch, Editor

Self Reliant Film




Film School

No Film

How to Shop for a Used Camera Lens

Michael Cioni FORESIGHT Blog

Creative Cow DUH – I’m listing stuff most serious folks should know, but if ya don’t . . .

I’ll keep updating this list, whether you like it or NOT, and whether you know the sites of not….

Video University – Oldie but a goodie, run by Hal Landen & company… GREAT site, articles, FREE stuff, Active and updated site.

Dr. Peter Utz – University Professor, Video Pro, and all-around-great-guy! The Basics. See his book “Today’s Video” and others on Amazon. Great for beginners, if you need to learn EVERYTHING . . .

Creative Planet Network – Pro Print Mags online like Millimeter, Videography, etc

TV Technology – Print/Digital Magazine. We’ve loved this mag and others like “POST”, “MIX”, (and others – you’ll havta find em) since the 80s . . . Bcast coverage, lotsa Users “Hands On” gear reviews, tips, and mostly the CLASSIFIEDS! for used gear !

Digital Video Magazine – subscribe


Freelance Switch .com – freelancing resources, setting rates etc

DVX User – Online Forum for all things Film making . . .

EOS HD .com

Digital Information Network

F Stoppers .com

Film Maker IQ .com

F Stop Academy – using a light meter etc

Where to Place Sound Absorbing Panels in a Studio

Red User .net Forum

Pro Video Coalition – BIG COMMUNITY Adam Wilt is here tooooo…

Cinema 5D Forum – DSLR

Planet 5D – Great sites, forums etc. Moderator of PODCAST “Digital Convergence”

DIGITAL CONVERGENCE PODCAST – BE THERE OR BE SQUARE #1 Podcast about all things FILM MAKING, Product Tests, Opinions, et al Chris Fenwick, planetMitch, and Carl Olson

Digital Film TV – Great site, talks to & with uh… you guessed it Film Makers (Carl Olsen founded Podcast DIGITAL CONVERGENCE PODCAST above).

Chris Fenwick One On One – a friend from years ago, professional editor, from SL/CE EDITORIAL, TIPS & OPINIONS (Chris has lots of those). Moderator on DIGITAL CONVERGENCE PODCAST

Internet Film Archive – RARITIES TO STUDY

LYNDA.COM Training

Broadcast Engineering – An old. old favorite, much Tech and IP Networking info here – PRINTDIGITAL

POST Magazine – One of the long-time great resources. High-End Post Professionals

Reel SEO .com – Marketing online-video … great SEO resource

StageCraft Newsletter mailing list

Pro Sound News

Electronic Musician – Print & Digital

Mix Magazine

HDProVideo Magazine & SITE – HD / DSLR etc etc

Web Designer Depot Newsletter

Virtual Dub


Filters for AVIsynth & Virtual Dub

Doom9 – Encoding & DVD resource

Detonation Films – Great info and Stock resource for things that go BANG! BOOM! KA-POW!

World Wide Angle & Cinephile – Film Photography Music

How to find out if your Photos and Graphics are being used illegally by others

Cutting Room Tales

Studio Daily

Portable Power

To HELL with rails and tracks… don’t fill up the room with expensive track or jib setups… just slide the damn mounted camera

Vincent Laforet Blog

Funny or DIE – Study Humor films

iPhone Apps For Filmmakers – World Wide Angle

MORE iPhone Filmaker Apps: SMAPP StillMotion App SMAPP BLOG Doddle PRO Production app – iPHONE DSLR APP

Cine-Meter iphone-app – Light Meter, Waveform Monitor, False-Color DisplayCreated by the knowledgable Adam Wilt

PLUS! Don’t forget: Photoshop Touch iMovie ReelDirector ReelMoments Splice Slowmo FourTrack SketchBookX Brushes CinemaFX MyBrushes PS Express (Adobe) Wallpapers ImageSearchPro ClipishPro2 I use all of these and they are GREAT! These are but SOME of the best, I’ll add more later….

Shoot a Film on Your iPhone VS DSLRs

UK Cinematographer (AND DSLR AFICIONADO) Philip Bloom – His YouTube Channel His Website

ShutterStock Pond5 Digital Juice – Stock Content

BUY or SELL Stock Content. You should already know about this. VIDEO HIVE

Stock20 SmartSound Libraries & SonicFire Pro Mac PC – Great Music

Voice123 – Professional Voice Talent


Rigging Guides for various cameras & other info at

F-Stop Academy #DSLR #FilmMaking ‘Nuff Said

1080 Productions in China very cool work

Improving Photos Online tips for digital photography


Vintage Lenses for Video .com  Their YouTube Channel

10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Improve Your Script

Projection, Lights, and Staging News – ANOTHER great glossy mag and web presence.

Dslr Glidecam Philip Bloom #dslr #filmmaking

Working as a Freelance Videographer : Indy News

Masters In Motion

HDSLR Shooter .com

*No Videotape or Film was harmed in this message.



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