When I was very young, my friends Steve Levine, Brian Levine, and I, created a fanzine called …”I D E A T I O N” about all things Comics, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and Star Trek. We coined the term “I D E A T I O N” from … “IDEAS” get it? get it? (It turns out there already is a psychological term “Ideation”, the formation of ideas or concepts or “paranoid ideation”. So much for inventing the wheel). We loved so many genres, we could not even define it. It reminds me why the great Harlan Ellison’s work is regarded as “Speculative Fiction”. (Don’t say “Sci-Fi”, or he’ll likely bludgeon you to death). I would not blame him, as “Sci-Fi” is demeaning and unspecific to Science Fiction… much like “Trekkie” or “Funnybooks”. Anyway. This fanzine we produced, contained our original Artwork and Writing. I interviewed “Creature Features” host Bob Wilkins, and it has not seen the light of day since it was originally published. Mr. Wilkins was cordial, and patient, and spent a long time answering my questions (for FREE!). He treated me like an adult, and I will never forget that experience.

I also interviewed Dusan (Danny) Stevich, who made a stop-motion film called “Peter and the Wolf”. He asked me to be the voice of Peter. My first acting job! I regret to say I do not even have a copy of this old-fashioned, European-style film.

I credit these experiences, along with our family “Movie Night” — where my Dad projected 16mm films of the likes of “Citizen Kane”, “The Red Balloon”, “Laurel & Hardy” shorts, and even my FIRST Corporate/Industrial video “Kikkoman Soy Sauce”! — as being important Sparks, which Ignited my love of film. Bob Wilkins was one of my seminal influences for Things Fantastic… and a great source of information and entertainment. Bob Wilkins passed on in 2009. He is missed. You may also wish to read our BLOG entry: “Creature Features Bob Wilkins “Interview From Beyond The Grave”

Here is a gallery of some pages, culled from the fanzine “I D E A T I O N”. Think of it as “Primitive Art”, as we made it when we were only 12 and 13 years old!
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