“Heart Of California” Documentary – update 02

I LOVE LOVE LOVE “QR Barcodes”! Quite possibly, your reading this due to you snapping a photo using the QR Reader App on your phone! This barcode is included on the Website, DVD, Blu-ray and all promotional materials for our recent Documentary called “The Heart Of California”. The barcode is even on the End-Credits of the film itself! A great way to generate Interest and Traffic, conduct Contests, and get folks right to the website for UPDATES to a completed film (in this case, things that did NOT make it into the film). Think of it as real-time, update-able, flexible “DVD Extras” on the Web! We often use QR Barcodes in our Digital Cinema programs. Contact us to see how it can work for YOU.

Kingsway Dynamic Media Barcode

The barcode links directly to part of a website for Contests, further info, and even updates to the film! (ASIDE: Link back to your website for updates, ie Tour Dates for the Band, Software Updates, or Company News!) . . .

Barcode on Optical

Anyways… Thanks to all who participated in our little contest “What was left out of the film?”. Participation prizes have been sent out, if you don’t get the email…then email me! I’ll rectify.

Complete list of Memories (things left out of film) to be posted shortly. Again, a heartfelt thanks to all contest contributors. For now, here are some trips down Mem-Lane that did not make it in.
Portfolio Gallery: press or click to view larger image, then swipe or click arrow buttons to view slideshow. Pinch or click otherwise to ZOOM in.

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