Join Kingsway founder and ex-patriot Jim Timmins as he recounts a lifetime of adventures As Big As The Sky. From growing up in war-torn Newcastle-on-Tyne, and working all over Great Britain, then plying his trade in West Africa and the United States, nothing keeps this Geordie at bay. “Where ever ye gan yel’ always find a Geordie!” Kingsway just wrapped up production on this book (writing, graphics, publishing) and the companion documentary called My Africa. This big, very graphical book, created by Kingsway, should be of great interest to anyone enamored with: Geordies, Newcastle Upon Tyne, World War Two, UK, West Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Great Britain, England, Africa.

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Many Moons Ago . . . My Dad, the founder of Kingsway, spent his Sundays shooting in-and-around UK and Nigeria and Ghana, then carefully hanging developed film, ready to then physically splice and edit it together. Who knew, that lo, so many years later, I would spend my Sunday finishing a book and documentary digitally, and completing YouTube uploads, blogs, and tweets about it all. Here’s to my Dad, James Timmins, who dragged me from the Art-World into Cinema-Land so many years ago.

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