Image Kingsway Dynamic MediaT T T – Tools. Technique. Talent. We bring it to the table. Everything done in-house. Research. Script. Shoot. Design. DELIVER. Clients include folks from all walks of life, from one-man-bands to Fortune-500 companies. Do you need custom Dynamic Media about your business, or organization? Kingsway Dynamic Media works. Please contact us to explore how it can work for you.

Quote from one of our Clients:

It was a pleasure having the Kingsway organization on our team and I am writing this letter to recommend them to other organizations who wish to effectively communicate complex messages about a product or company. Throughout the project, Kingsway was conscientious and competent. With only a moderate amount of interviewing and concept discussion, Andrew was able to synthesize our messages into a workable draft script. Subsequently, Andrew was very supportive as we made modifications to the script contents and very diligent about follow-through and cross-checking and sign-off before moving to the next production phase. Despite our own limitations in providing timely feedback, Kingsway was punctual, met promised deadlines and typically exceeded expectations. We are very pleased with the quality and creativity of the final product and are confident that it will help us in educating our salespeople and potential customers about the advantages of our technology.
– Bill Ledeen, Director of Product Management, Identix (Identity Solutions, Inc)

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  • "Reliquary" Film about Artist Yori Seeger
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Here is a video with examples of Graphic Design & Fine Arts work.

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Read all about this film in our BLOG.

Read all about this film in our BLOG.

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As Big As The Sky - A Geordie At Bay by James Timmins

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Maximize Your Message by Andrew Timmins


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Thank you for checking out What We Do. How can you obtain a real ROI using Graphic Design, Digital Cinema, and Rich-Media Web? Most of our information is gleaned from computers and television. The images we see are in motion, but are they truly dynamic? Does it excite and engage? The images are moving, but do they really “move the audience”? This isn’t just important for Hollywood Films or Fortune 100 Websites. Whether company marketing, or a calypso band, your message must succeed. To be retained, your message must be tuned to the wants and needs of the target audience. Kingsway Dynamic Media is the Solution.

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